domingo, 22 de abril de 2007

Fabric Origami - How To

For those friends who can't read in Portuguese, here are some quick instructions and good links in English where you can find the technic to prepare fabric for origami. (I hope it'd be helpful)

Basically, it's choosing a crane origami diagram and a fabric you like (calico or silk are easier to work in the beginning, but you can try others too, even synthetics), cut into a square in the size you'd like to, mine is 5", but it can be smaller or bigger (the smallest, the hardest to fold), stiffen it using a hard stiffen, iron press and fold following the diagram instructions.
You can also make beautiful fabric origami boxes and other shapes to embellish home, gift boxes and what else you imagine.

Fabric Origami wine gift box:,1789,HGTV_3293_4487995,00.html

Workshop, kits and patterns (in the "process" section you can find a quick "how to"):

Making Silk Swans: